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Upon visiting you are greeted in the bottom right corner with a chat now icon.

You can tell the guys at theChrono are serious about customer service as within minutes of receiving an inquiry, they are quick to respond.

As this is was my first time ordering with, I opted for a small pack of Death Bubba and was happy to see that the package also included Cream Mandarin #4, Lemon Gelato and King’s Cross Kush.

The latter 3 strains were sent as FREE samples, along with some live resin and a distillate pen, (aka liquid shatter) that can be applied to bowls, or joints.

I was thoroughly impressed with the way the package arrived, being double vacuum sealed, and with each large individual item being vac sealed separately within.



Customer Service 100%
Order Turnaround Time 95%
Shipping and Packaging 95%
Product Quality 100%
Pricing 95%